We Track Complaints & Compliments

Since we started our school we began to record our student feedback at the end of each completed class. The program continues successfully today. The response about our Classes is overwhelmingly positive. In fact, since we started we have not had a negative comment from a student feedback report.

By asking students, we can better confirm or dismiss the legitimacy of a complaint received about a specific tour or guide. This system has been very helpful in quickly solving any problems or identifying causes of complaints.

We have a 99.8% Customer Satisfaction Rating!

The complaints that we take the most seriously are complaints about our teaches attitudes or professionalism. A comments about a poor attitude is from an instructors is not accepted, We terminated one teacher because we received a complaint about his bad attitude. That is the only time we got complaints about professionalism . Our administrators and our student support staff works diligently with students and teachers to establish clear and reasonable expectations.