Genuine Hospitality

We Bring the spirit of hospitality and caring to our classes by:

1. Designing the best curriculum Which is interesting and prepare the student to pass the test.

Our presentation is made up of short historical, cultural and geological presentations, with many stories explaining the names of trees, natural phenomenon, and legends of the Hawaiian goddess.
Tour stops are well-coordinated and predetermined, but guides are allowed to be flexible and make changes according to guest’s interests.

2. Hiring the best Instructors in Los Angeles

We recognize that we cannot train a teacher so be nice and friendly; it is something that comes from within. Before hiring an instructor, they are interviewed multiple times and invited on two clases . We watch their interaction with students and others staff.

We work with instructors to refine how things are presented.
Instructed are required to memorize and know the material. The requirement allows them to focus on sharing the info instead of just reading from a text book.

All ProMed Career Institute instructors are required to be the best in their fields and are approved by the state of California. Our tour instructors are the best in the state of California. Their main focus is on the student happiness and learning the material to be certified.